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What can I say…I love tricks of the trade…things that make life easier. Life hacks are tricks, shortcuts, skills or techniques in order to manage one’s time and daily activities in a more effective way. These 15 simple hacks will make your life easier and who couldn’t use a little efficiency?

  1. Want to protect your valuables at the beach? Stick them inside a diaper. Believe me, nobody’s stealing that!
  2. Need a quick fire starter? Keep your dryer lint and empty toilet paper tubes. Shove some dryer lint inside a toilet paper tube for free and easy kindling. Believe it or not but Doritos also work great. However, I can’t bear to part with these for a fire starter unless I was in the woods lost and freezing. Only then would I spare a few.
  3. An easy and decorative way to cool your wine without watering it down is to add a few frozen grapes in the glass. It adds a nice touch as your baubles float up and down.
  4. Need to keep your bag of bagels fresh? Shove the open end of the bag down into the bagel hole — no ties or clips needed.
  5. I love this one! Use a muffin tin pan to hold your different condiments at a BBQ.
  6. Use a hanging shoe rack on the back of the door for cleaning bottles/supplies.
  7. When a candle gets too far down to reach in to light it, light a stick of uncooked (obviously) spaghetti to reach the wick.
  8. To keep the ice in your cooler longer, sprinkle salt on the ice.
  9. Have a bad cough at night? Rub some Vick’s VaporRub on your feet, put socks on, and your cough will disappear. I love the smell of Vick’s so this is a bonus for me! My mother slathered me down with this stuff when I was little and had a cold. It works!
  10. Use a clothespin to hold a nail while hammering. Nobody wants a busted finger — ouch!
  11. If you’re an Oreo cookie dunker in milk, stick a fork in the white middle and dunk it that way. No messy fingertips to suck milk off of…well, unless you’re just in to that.
  12. Here’s a trick for your water bottle. Fill half of your bottle with water and freeze it while its on its side. Then fill the other half with water. and as the ice melts, more water. Win-win!
  13. I love tacos but that whole holding it the entire time bugs me. Try this little hack…hold your taco upright with a fork. With the fork lying in the plate, insert the two inside tines in the taco shell with the outer tines on the outside of the shell. Voila…easy filling and it won’t fall over while eating thereby depositing all of your toppings on your plate…which, by the way, irritates me to no end.
  14. Little buggers dipping in your glass of wine whilst (a friend’s favorite word) lounging outside? Sit a paper cupcake liner upside down on top of your glass or right side up down in the rim of your glass. No more buggers.
  15. And finally the most valuable of this list!! If you need a room temperature bottled beverage cold fast, wrap a wet paper towel around it and put it in the freezer. In about 10 minutes your beverage will be ice cold…just peel off the paper towel and enjoy!

What are some life hacks you’ve discovered?

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