Grassy Creek Vineyard Trail, MTS Trail, Carter Falls, Lower Falls, Powerhouse Trail

Elkin, North Carolina

What a glorious day. The weather was great so hubby and I decided to head out for a hike. We rode up to Elkin to Grassy Creek Winery. You can find the trailhead right beside the parking lot. How convenient! 🙂 We started down the wooded path and saw the following signs several yards a part down the trail…and they could not have been more correct. I love the woods!!

I knew right away this would be a trail I loved.

There are several trails that connect and join throughout the hike. A little uphill, a little downhill, and some flat areas and some rocks. Pretty much perfect although anywhere in the woods is perfect for me.

To venture on to the next section, we had to come out of the woods and cross the road. In that next section were all these cute little faces peering at us. The kids on the trail were entertained trying to spot the next one. I’m sure I probably missed one or two as I was trying to remain upright from getting tripped up on a tree root.

We passed a nice little pond with lots of turtles and the next section of the trail was row after row of pine trees. You could have been on the trail or not and have been just fine trekking through. Then we came up on a corn field and Mike and I both looked at each other and said “Children of the Corn” so we didn’t tarry too long there LOL. For those of you too young to know, “Children of the Corn” was a 1980-something Stephen King scary movie.

“You’re out of the woods, you’re out of the dark, you’re out of the night, step into the sun, step into the light.” And with that little ditty (kudos to who knows it), we stepped out of the woods into the sun and crossed the road again and proceeded through a campground. Didn’t expect that, did ya? Neither did we. Cute little campground — called Byrd’s Branch Campground. There’s a campground store too if ya need anything.

Proceeded through birdhouse row and across a branch to be taken to yet another section of road to walk a short distance before getting to a parking lot where Carter Falls, Lower Falls, and Powerhouse trails intermingle. So….if you don’t want to do all of the hiking but you want to visit the falls, you can just park in the Carter Falls parking lot but it’s small and people were rudely blocking other cars in.

Another stroll through the woods was taken until we came upon the falls which were beautiful. There are a lot of places at the upper and lower falls for kids (and your furry kids) to get in the water to wade and swim. There are also several little beachy areas in which to hang out, rest up, picnic, meditate…whatever you are into (legally).

This is the upper section where we stopped for a snack and a break to enjoy the sounds of water rushing and a cool breeze.

Below is the lower section of falls. Now let me say to get down to this area is a jut off of the trail that is very steep, rocky and, if it’s remotely wet, very slippery. I was thankful to have trekking poles for this jaunt down and back up. So just a head’s up.

While I was down here taking pictures, there were several families on the beachy areas letting their kids swim and play. I walked down a path along the water to see if there was anything else I needed a picture of. Caught the toe of my shoe on a tree root… trekking poles went one way… cell phone went the other way…and I took a knee. Wasn’t making a statement…just took a knee. Of course what do any of us do the very first thing when we fall????? We look to see who might’ve seen it!! Thankfully, I don’t think anyone was around.

Back on the trail and headed back to the vineyard, Mike said I got faster on the way back…”just like an old nag headed back to the barn.” Hmmmmm…I’m not quite sure how to take that…(😒).

A perfect way to end the hike would be with a charcuterie board and a sippy-sippy glass of wine from the winery. Or haul a picnic with you for when you reach the falls. Either way I recommend this hike.

AllTrails marked us at 4.4 miles and my “peed-o-meter,” as my mother always called it, marked us at 4.9 miles.

Originally published at on September 5, 2020.

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